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Monday, March 22, 2010

WiFi and WiFi ready are NOT the same thing

When you go into a big-box, chain electronics store, and you ask the feckless khaki-clad, bright blue polo-wearin' youth behind the counter if a particular BluRay player will indeed stream whatever it is your wife wants to watch on Netflix (I'm really tired of watching the cute cheerleader on Heroes throw herself off of things or under moving vehicles as I pass through the room on my way to the fridge), do yourself a favor and read the box.  Just because Chad or Brad, or "ChikMagnet01" SAYS it streams doesn't mean it does.  In an interesting legal twist however, when the box indicates RIGHT ON THE FREAKING TOP that you must buy a proprietary adaptor from the company's website for $79.99 BEFORE any streaming of tired TV shows will occur (when will they rename: LOST  "Found," or maybe: "Presumed Abandoned"?), the company means it.  Or, at least their legal team does.  Who knows what marketing wanted it to mean, especially when no one knows what they're up to when they're not looking for infants to sacrifice.  Short version: went out to buy new Sony BDP-570 (as seen in Home Theater), failed in mission.


  1. thanks for the advice when i go out and get a blue ray. i am sorry you have to walk through dum cheerleader movies to go get sometthing to eat. -Nic

  2. Netflix is great, but they have a long way to go as far as picture quality is concerned. The HD feed has quite a few dropouts (that's a bandwidth issue, I'm sure) and the picture is always rather soft. Can't beat the convenience though.