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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Herein lies the problem

Let's suppose that you know this guy, and he happens to own a very nice vintage integrated amplifier, something of an under-achiever that he got for a real song. He even paid some decent money to have it brought up to spec and upgraded (you know, so he can use a variety of power cables the likes of which will have a instant and positive impact on the way complete strangers will think of him). The ONLY problem is that the insensitive monkeys who previously owned the amp scratched the top of it- a noticeable, 2 inch scratch, probably left by stacking a Scientific Atlanta cable box on top of it- (if you don't see the problem there then start reading a different Blog- better yet, read the comments to the articles at the Huffington Post, it'll serve you right). Now, this amp happens to have a rare finish, no simple black or silver that can be touched up- a finish only made for a very few (two, maybe) years by the manufacturer. No way to remove the scratch. UNLESS our intrepid fellow were to purchase a matching CASSETTE DECK from the exact same era that has a perfect finish just to carefully place on top and hide the scratch! Even though he hasn't even OWNED a single cassette tape for years, much less listened to one! Brilliant! Insane! Soon to be divorced! Take your pick!

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