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Monday, September 27, 2010

A use for my DVD-A discs?


Hm.  The system plays DVD-A.  We're picking up a 2010 TSX later this week- so I'll have to bring my Brain Salad Surgery and Fragile DVD-As with me.  A full report is called for, I suppose!  Haven't bothered much with car stereo for years.  I buy manual cars (the TSX has what I think is the best 6spd you can get for anything mear the money) and like to hear the engine- mechanical musc.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

1.875 inches per second

D. played the "Immortal Beloved" soundtrack which he had dubbed onto a Maxell Chromium Dioxide tape last night, and darned if it didn't sound super, super close to the CD.  Makes you wonder about stratospheric S/N ratings and Dynamic range- how much can the 40 year-old ear hear?  For kicks I put a thrift store ninety-nine cent CrO2 pre-recorded copy of the Rolling Stones "Dirty Work" into my old Sony KA1ESA deck and I was also impressed.  Who knows what that tape has been through?  Apparently, tape made some real strides as a recording medium technology that found their way into relatively inexpensive consumer decks by the late eighties.  At that time I never had the money to invest in a quality deck.  It's a limited format for me now- can't even use it in the car- but as D. pointed out while we were listening, the process of sorting through the discs, adjusting the record level and pausing or fading between tracks all has a wonderful nostalgic feel that ripping files to a hard drive just can't capture.


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well, here is why there has been no stereo use for the past couple of weeks- a 2 pound tornado named Nova.  She's a ferocious little beast, don't let the picture fool you.  Everyone is in an uproar.  We kept her in the stereo room as it was the most calm, until I noticed her chewing on my Mapleshade speaker cable- so now she's mixed in with the general population.  It's been so hot the past few days the listening room is uninhabitable anyway.  Maybe next week we'll get a break and I can get around to doing some posting on tape decks.