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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tosin Abasi

I'm listening to "Infinite Regression" which is the first track on "Weightless" by Animals as Leaders.  I didn't feel like using quotes just there.  Anyway, it's late and I'm in front of the computer, so the sound is coming through the iGrados again, this time with tracks played through iTunes, which isn't very good, but is better than the awful Zune software.  For someone into stereo, my computer music situation sucks.  More about that some time later, if I ever consider computer music to be more than convenience. 

Tosin Abasi is the guitarist for Animals as Leaders, and he is something of a mix between Stanley Jordan and Eddie Van Halen, with some Vernon Reid thrown in for good measure.  There are a few videos of him floating around, so Google away.  Better yet, buy one of the albums.  He taps and hammers the strings frequently, often at lightning speeds and punctuated by short, powerful chord bursts.  He certainly keeps the drummer busy.  Very neat stuff, and I highly recommend it.  No vocals, which is refreshing- in my opinion it has absolutely, positively, all been said before.  besides, until the craze with whatever the kids consider to be "irony" these days passes, lyrics are going to be an awful mess. 

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