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Thursday, February 9, 2012

iGrado and Animals As Leaders

I'm not a big fan of in-ear headphones.  There's something about them that just creeps me out.  I look at them and get the feeling that I'm one step closer to home theater being a chip installed in my skull.  *Blink* 50000p video and 21.1 surround all in my brain *Blink* and I'm out of the Matrix.  Whatever.

Anyway, the latest pair of portable-ish head phones I am using are the very good iGrados.  They were about $40 I think, (from our friends at Audio Den) and fit pretty well.  They have much better bass than any in-ear I have used at twice the price (Klipsch, Sennheiser).  You just can't recline with them on- there is a hard plastic band that wraps around the back of your head that prevents that.  They would be fine for exercise though, even though I prefer to run without music. I would imagine the iGrado would keep your ears warmer than running outdoors in February than iPod buds!  I also use larger Grado S60 cans for late-night listening to the main system, and for the money ($70?  there may be an improved version- check out Music Direct: http://www.musicdirect.com/p-7148-grado-sr-60i-headphones.aspx)  they are hard to beat.

I had meant to order the SACD of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here,"  but as is so often the case on Amazon, I found myself scrolling through the "Other People Who Bought This. . . "  and discovered a band called "Animals As Leaders."   I know nothing about the band, but as I sit here typing I am listening to a track on their MySpace page called: "Tempting Time."  The guitarist is a speed demon. Kind of a cross between Eddie Van Halen and Stanley Jordan for Progressive Metal.  Interesting.  I'm ordering it.

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