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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The End is Nigh

. . . and I do not mean that in the sense that Anthropogenic Climate Change Doom is upon us because we haven't seen snow like in this picture of Chermpf from last year.  What I mean is that Susan, of her own volition (no Jedi tricks from me) has:

A.) decided to get rid of the top of the cabinet that housed our Flatscreen and home theater, thus freeing our Dynaudio DM2/7 speakers from the little cubbies in which they resided, leading to hugely improved sound,


B.) decided that she wants to either fix or replace our dead Martin Logan subwoofer.

Who woulda thunk it?  I was going to be happy with the 2/7 and DM Center doing everything, but the lady wants more bass!  Time to do some research (as in HSU Research, perhaps?)  I'll send an e-mail to In House Stereo Repair first and see what can be done about the Martin Logan Dynamo.  It blows fuses now the moment it is turned on.  Probably a short, but it was so cheap it may not warrant replacing. . .


  1. What the heck did you put in her coffee?

  2. The usual. Two fingers of Redeye and some cat hair. Got the quote on the dead sub, it's staying dead. Just not cost-effective to repair. Shame, really.

  3. Suddenly my ML Dynamo is doing the same thing. What was the problem?

  4. Hi,

    Check out the following link to the Martin Logan owner's board:


    which was the issue i had. I wound up not fixing the Dynamo, but bought a Hsu Research STF-1 instead:


    Which is a very good sub, although it is neither as small nor as attractive as the Dynamo. I have only had it a few weeks so i don't know it well enough to review per se, but i hope to do so at some point. I think Audio Advisor was also selling refurbished Dynamos, so that might be something to look into that is as cost-effective as a board replacement.