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Monday, May 3, 2010

Out of the Desert

There has been nothing good on eBay and not too much on Audiogon for that matter, but I came across this:


Which is a very good amp, even if a bit too expensive at the listed price.  I use the little brother with some upgrades and I am very happy (as you know) with its performance.  It seems like all of the good buys are only in the ultra high-end range, where (as far as I am concerned) the thousands of dollars you save off of the thousands of dollars price is still thousands of dollars too much.  For example, much as $2,000 is a steal for an Accuphase Class A integrated amp that only produces 20watts per channel, it's not going to do the trick playing Achilles Last Stand on vinyl at volumes that will bring down passing aircraft and sterilize the neighbors' kids and pets.  Which is the only volume one can play that song, right?


  1. Love the vintage Sony gear!

  2. Love the vintage Sony!