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Monday, May 24, 2010

Doing my part. . .

. . . to stimulate the economy.  Maybe big news on the horizon.  As you know, the GX9ES is in for repairs (we'll see tomorrow what the details are) and I have a lead on a rare Sony integrated with built-in DAC from 1989.  Plus D. has picked up a Denon integrated for a song- it may be a very interesting summer.  If we can get J. to bring over his Cambridge, we'll have quite a comparo.  And since after all of this I will be broke, the beer will be canned and of the under $5 a six-pack variety.   So much for lucid posting.  I'll try to write something intelligible about my obsession with anything made by Sony from 1984-1989 in a future post, if I can figure it out myself.

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