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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Akai HX-1 and Sony TC-WE605S tape decks

I may have mentioned that my Sony TC-RX606ES has died (Motor.), and have been hunting for a replacement.  Why do I need another cassette deck?  If you are asking then you may wish to re-evaluate your reading this post in the first place.  I came across this thing for $5 at a thrift store, and . . . it works!  I got some decent rock play back although the wow and flutter is noticeable on quieter stuff.

Short term solution, though as it certainly does not look as though it has been serviced.  It shall live in my office where numerous students will ask what it is (is that a VCR?  No, seriously, it got asked).   More seriously, I bought a great Sony TC-WE605ES refurb for very little money from a very nice fellow named Stephen Goss on EBay:

Which short of having back lit cassette wells is pretty much exactly what I needed.  The question now is whether or not to repair the 606 (Mr. Goss does just such work- check him out on EBay).  I was looking at some other decks and maybe even a Nakamichi . Althoguh there have been quite a few Sony 850s on EBay as of late.  In other news, I spent some time listening to a Hsu subwoofer (whoa), but forgot to take pictures.  As awesome as the sub was, it's not for me.  The music i listen to just wouldn't benefit enough to devote the listening room real estate.

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