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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yamaha CD-S2000

My apologies, I have been busy with work (stupid patents) and other nonsense, so I haven't updated in a while.  many projects going on, including: http://www.Chermpf.com which I hope everyone checks out when they get a chance.  I plan to post a book chapter, and there are already some short amusing (I hope) pieces available.  But the REAL news for Bad Audio Reviews is:

Don't panic, it's a B-Stock, so not crazy expensive.  Well, that's not strictly true.  This purchase was not like the Yamaha CD-S700 that i bought for under $100, new in box.  But let's not focus on unpleasantness, shall we?  This is a brute of a CD player.  As you can see it is every bit as chunky as the matching amplifier.  It has the terrific Yamaha proprietary drawer mechanism and build quality the engineers of the Potemkin would be proud of.  So. . .  what comes next?  I am trying to arrange for some experts to come over and participate in a shoot-out, Yamaha CD-S2000 vs Sony SCD-XA5400 ES.  Only one can stay- I haven't the room and if I am going to sell the Sony now is the time while the market still bears around $900 for one in excellent condition.  Many other changes going on here- including furniture and cables.  Please stay tuned, awful review to come.

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