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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sony TC-K700ES Cassette Deck

As you can see in the post below, I have purchased yet ANOTHER Sony ES cassette deck, despite swearing off Sony and only knowing two other people still using tapes.  What can I say, I'm a geek AND a sucker.  I got the TC-K700ES under the impression that it would work, and work it does.  The only thing I have done to it so far is taken the LCD cleaner and canned air to it for a thorough cleaning, and I ran a brand new TDK dry head-cleaner through it a few times.  I also took the hood off and tightened the record timer switch.  The switch is connected to a small board that is held in place by a nut located just behind the faceplate.  The nut had come loose and the switch was floating around.  Unfortunately I scratched the switch plastic while holding it in place and tightening the nut, but it's not very noticeable.

I would only rate the deck a 7.5 for cosmetics, but even so, it is very impressive to look at.  The interior is divided into three discrete compartments, and there are two Elena caps and a power supply nearly as big as those found in my NAD 3125 integrated amp!  I know very little about  cassette deck guts, which is why I have two nice examples awaiting dismantling in the 606ES and RX79ES (just ordered belts- if all goes well the seller will get a plug).  The 700ES mechanism looks very impressive indeed, and as I learn more I will pass it on. I have only played one tape on it, just to ensure all is functioning properly, and from that cursory listen i would have to say it sounded better than my nearly brand new TC-W8AESA dual deck.  It certainly is a beast, and it bears saying again- they don't make them like they used to! Anyone with experience with a high-end deck like this, your comments and advice would be most appreciated.


  1. Sony ES decks of that era are "beasts" and totally underrated. Enjoy!

  2. I cannot get over the quality of the tapes this one still makes after many years. I wish i had bought one new! If you are using that deck or a similar one, please let me know if thre is a tape brand/formulation you prefer!

  3. I have the same deck. And I loved it. But now the right motor won't run anymore. I'm pissed!

  4. For the moment, the one I have is still working. I am no tape deck expert, and I did lose one patient while replacing belts, unfortunately (a 79es). I think that the lack of belts decaying and gumming things up has contributed to the longevity of mine. I have never done a search to determine if replacement motors are available. I guess finding a donor on eBay might be the best solution.