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Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Furniture

Plateau stand, $300- nice, nice, not thrilling but nice.  Susan likes it better than anything we've used, so we're good.  Paint tomorrow.  Tonight I will take a listen to the Japanese/Virgin  SACD release of "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway,"  the last Genesis album featuring Peter Gabriel.  Very much looking forward to hearing it.  Then, the whole system will be down for a week or so.  Have to listen to the DVP-NS9100ES upstairs.  Quel dommage!


  1. The Crawlers from Lowe's will not be here for 2 weeks. Home in disarray. As for the SACD of Lamb, I am impressed (again) with what can be done with 30 year-old recording (I have a few classical SACDs from the RCA Victor series from the 50s and 60s that are also excellent). I'm not surprised the band couldn't stay together after that album though, as Gabriel must have been pretty incomprehensible to the other members at that point (that part about the "horse without a hoof" in the final track probably explains things a bit). Going back to the SACD format though, it's a sad thing that the listening public never bought into it. The last I heard Lamb was on a boombox something like 20 years ago, and/or my car stereo. The depth of the soundstage and clarity and separation of all the tracks that the SACD recording provide a very involving experience that would be hard to duplicate elsewhere. It's not as if people needed to spend a million dollars on a stereo, to appreciate it either. It sounds nearly as good on a $50 pair of headphones.