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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Squint, and you'll see. . .

. . . the "new" integrated.  It's a TA-F630ESD, which was also known as the TA-F303ESD, and is rated at 90watts per channel into 8 ohms at 0.004 percent distortion.  The interesting part is that even though it seems to have been smack-dab in the middle of the line up, between the TA-F530ES and the TA-F730ES, the 630 had a digital to analog converter bolted on the back, with coax and optical in, as well as optical out.  The other models did not.  I am trying to learn more about the DAC, and I believe (according to the 1989 Grammophone review cited below) it uses the Philips Bitstream (PDM to Sony) technology.  It was cleaned up for sale, but in my book only really warrants a 7 or low 8 on cosmetics, but all of the functions are excellent and it plays strongly.  The DAC works well- an indicator on the front panel lights up when you feed it a signal.  I'm assuming the rates other than 44.1 are for DAT (which was the future of recording back in 1989.  Ha!)


That's a nice Ultralink digital cable, which is an appropriate Canadian brand to use with this Canadian model Sony.  Too bad I take really, really bad pictures (I have an entire photo album of Big Foot and Alien Abductions and you can't make out a damn thing).

In other news (not so good) I think the OTHER channel on the GX9ES died or started to die this evening.  Just back from the shop, too, and any repairs will have to be charity work as I can't afford to sink any more money into it.  The best I could see it selling for is around $200 (if it worked) and I'm over that as it is.  Sad, I really like the look of the thing and the right channel sounds great!

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